Studio 9

Glassblowing, Painting, and Pottery

145 Callis Road, Hendersonville

David Balkon – Glassblowing

When he’s not practicing dentistry, David Balkon practices the art of glass blowing at his home in Hendersonville. Several trips to Murano, Italy introduced David to the centuries old craft of blowing glass and he began his quest to learn this ancient skill. Attending multiple workshops at the Appalachian Center for Craft over the years has introduced basic and advanced concepts to him. Maintaining his own glass blowing studio at his home with his wife, Lisa, allows him to frequently practice these skills.

David will be demonstrating his craft at Studio 14 during the studio tour. He also offers opportunities for individuals and groups to come and “blow your own ornament” during the Christmas season. He can be contacted at  for more information.


Lisa Balkon – Pottery and Painting

I have lived all my life in Middle Tennessee and spent my childhood playing with barn animals and making mud pies. This quiet life of dreaming, imagining, and waiting led me to discover ceramics and painting classes at almost 50 years of age

I enjoy oil painting still life and plein air landscapes, and especially animals. As a potter, my work is primarily wheel thrown, but I also incorporate some hand-building techniques. I am especially interested in carving, drawing, and painting on my work.

I will be demonstrating some of my favorite ceramic decorating techniques during  the studio tour. For additional information, I can be reached at

Lisa Balkon 2019 tour 2Lisa Balkon 2019 tour 3Lisa Balkon 2019 tour 1

Barbara Martorello  – painting

           I have done art work ever since I can remember, in fact, I can’t remember not ever doing some form of art!!! I design custom needlepoint canvases, work in oils, watercolor, graphite, and charcoal, but my favorite is pastels. I also do textile work.


I have degrees in art & in interior design.


Garrett Burchfield – Pottery

My name is Garrett Burchfield, and I am a potter from Hendersonville Tennessee.  I have been making ceramic pieces for just over a year now, and I really enjoy the process of creating functional art from raw clay.  I’m still a novice in the field of ceramics, but I’m making progress in discovering my own personal style.  My hope is to one day support myself with my art.