Studio 8

Upcycled MM & Jewelry

304 Anderson Lane, Hendersonville

Nikki Koren

I graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Merchandising and Design.  Several years ago, I started creating pieces that combine my passion for art with my faith in God and love of the environment. There is such joy in fashioning unique works by Upcycling and Repurposing old, discarded items and bits of junk.  There is beauty in everything! I strive to convey this using reclaimed wood to build my multi-media collages, frames, clocks, recycled paper portraits, and signs. Jewelry is another lovely byproduct of my work designed with tiny discarded pieces of ‘this and that’.


Painting, Wood Burning, Mixed Media

 Ann Young


Welcome to Studio 8.  Art has been a part of my life as long as I can remember.  I started taking lessons at age five and never stopped learning or being challenged by the best way to express an idea creatively.  I enjoy many different forms of art and use various materials to bring an idea to life.  I love to draw, paint, and work with stained glass and wood to name a few.  I hope you visit and connect with a piece of art, but if you have an idea for a piece of art I would love the opportunity to create it for you.  You can also visit me at my web


Wood Turner

David Young

I recently retired from a 50+ year career, during which, I did not have time for a hobby. After retirement, I decided to try Wood Turning and have been at it for several months. I learn something new every day and enjoy the process.


Key Mosaics

Jerry Freiberger

Jerry and his son, Nathan, are longstanding local locksmiths who use their re-cycled keys to make beautiful art and metal sculptures. Their collaborative work focuses primarily on musical instruments and animals, from dragons to dragonflies, from sea turtles to Tennessee black bears. Jerry specializes in intricately laid out electric guitars, and each piece is different and unique. Both Jerry and Nathan are self-taught artists who have a passion for the arts. Jerry is a member of The Art Guild of Sumner County and has exhibited in several local craft fairs and venues in Sumner County, including the Gallatin Street Festival, The Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center, the Porch Fest of Hendersonville, and the upcoming Gallatin Studio Tour. Jerry and Nathan also sell their art online through their locksmith website:

You can email them at

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