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                                                               Miriam Hall

Miriam began her study of oil painting with a private teacher.  In 1975, she entered Motlow Community College as an art major.  While at Motlow she was honored to have one of her paintings included in a traveling exhibit to all Tennessee Community Colleges.  After she and her husband, William, returned to their home town of Gallatin in 1977, she continued her studies at VSCC where she earned an Associate of Arts degree in 1980, and received various awards, including a VSCC purchase award.  In 1982, Miriam received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors from WKU.  While studying painting at WKU, she also studied weaving.  After graduating WKU, she did further studies in weaving and other fiber arts at the Appalachian Center for Crafts.  Miriam taught oil painting for 20+ years in Continuing Education at VSCC as well as in her home studio. Miriam works in various media: oils, watercolor, pastels, acrylic, and mixed media in painting; many varieties of yarns and fibers in weaving; colorful cottons in quilts; stained glass; and beautiful varieties of beads in jewelry.  She teaches any or all of these skills in her home studio. Miriam is very pleased to have Miriam Hall Studio as part of the Sumner County Annual Studio Tour.  Contact her at

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                                                                 Angie Hayes

Originally from Kentucky, Angie has lived in Tennessee for over 40 years and has a love for the outdoors that stem from living in these two beautiful states which inspire her to primarily paint landscapes. In addition to studio and plein air painting, she enjoys hiking, boating and playing the piano. She lives with her husband, Jay, in Gallatin, TN and has 3 children and 4 grandsons. She is a member of the Chestnut Group, The Gallatin Art Guild and The Monthaven Art Society                                               .Water Lily Aspen Painting                                                     


Ann Carr

Art is interesting when it reveals an aspect of the artist’ s mind their openness to let you see who they are as a real person. I love to get out of my comfort zone, try new ideas and mediums and have fun with my art. I’m confident that my style, ability, and interest in art is evolving in a positive way. I learn from other artists, take advantage of their experience, and participate in all the classes that I can. I’m excited that a friend and fellow artist shared her knowledge of working with pastels and inspired me to explore the texture and depth of a totally new medium. I love the soft, subdued shades of pastel, and enjoy pursuing the new techniques.

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