Studio 7

Key Mosiacs and Jewelry and POTTERY

856 Coles Ferry Road, Gallatin

Jerry Freiberger – Key Mosiacs

Jerry and his son, Nathan, are longstanding local locksmiths who use their re-cycled keys to make beautiful art and metal sculptures. Their collaborative work focuses primarily on musical instruments and animals, from dragons to dragonflies, from sea turtles to Tennessee black bears. Jerry specializes in intricately laid out electric guitars, and each piece is different and unique. Both Jerry and Nathan are self-taught artists who have a passion for the arts. Jerry is a member of The Art Guild of Sumner County and has exhibited in several local craft fairs and venues in Sumner County, including the Gallatin Street Festival, The Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center, the Porch Fest of Hendersonville, and the upcoming Gallatin Studio Tour. Jerry and Nathan also sell their art online through their locksmith website:

You can email them at

Collette Freiberger – jewelry

Collette Freiberger is a self taught artist who has dabbled in many forms of art.  This year she has settled in on making one of a kind and unique  jewelry from found items, broken sea glass, broken sea shells, stained glass and recycled items such as antique silverware.  Also, her Avocado pit carvings are her most “primitive” and unique looking jewelry. She can be contacted at “

                 Garrett Burchfield
 I’m Garrett Burchfield and I have been making pottery for about 4 years. It began as a hobby and eventually became a business. I really enjoy what I do. Crafting pottery is always relaxing. Spreading functional art to local people is something I love doing!