Studio 5

Painting, Woodturning, Photography

Bernadette Resha – Painting

Born with Down syndrome in Nashville, Tenn., artist Bernadette Resha has collected a sizable following in the worldwide art community. From an early age she was encouraged to draw and color in her own style as a form of expression and therapy. This has resulted in a body of work that documents an artist developing a unique style entirely her own.
Her exposure to the art world and culture started as a child visiting as many art galleries, museums, concert halls and plays with her family, as time would allow.
With an artist grandmother and a mother fully committed to allowing Bernadette to use this medium of self expression for as far as she would care to take it. Bernadette now exhibits in numerous art galleries including several venues in New York, art and craft shows throughout Southeast, and attends many disAbility conferences throughout the United States showing and selling her work. Says Bernadette: “My goals are to increase my skills. I want to improve on painting three dimensionally, on lighting and form, plus shape and shadows, and to learn how to better blend colors.”Art is such an integral part of Bernadette’s life that if all her paints were taken away, she would, instead, sit for hours drawing.

Bernadette2 falling leaves       Bernadette 3 postal beauty            Bernadette 1 black kitty

Tim O’Leary – Woodturner

Timothy O’Leary began turning wood in 2007 on a bench top lathe. He quickly outgrew that tool and moved to a full sized lathe by 2009. Tim enjoys making bowls, platters, vases and some deep hollowing projects. He also spindle turns snowmen, bunnies and penguins for fun. Tim tries to let the wood guide his design. The natural flaws, voids and cracks are incorporated into the shape to create imperfect beauty. Now retired, Tim lives and creates in Gallatin, Tennessee.

IMAG2300       IMAG2710        IMAG2997

                                                 Susan Leonardini – Photography

My grandfather encouraged my interest in photography and was my biggest supporter, teaching me all he knew and giving me every opportunity to learn that he was able to. After graduating from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, I moved to Northern California, where I lived for 8 years taking photographs of everything that I could. For the next 18 years after that my focus shifted to raising and homeschooling my two children. Now that they are grown my passion for photography, which never went away, is reignited. I have had my photos published  in international magazines and have participated in juried shows in the southeast.
Now, all proceeds from the sale of my work goes to helping rescue North Koreans and getting them to safety in South Korea.

  IMG_3372   P1200009(2)



Wilma Richards -Clay Creations

Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada I’ve been a resident of Hendersonville for forty years officially making me a local.  Raising three boys and one girl made finding time for my love of art a challenge.  I’ve tried many forms of art but the first time I put my hands in clay I knew it was what I was born to do. I enjoy throwing on the wheel but my love is hand building.  Taking items such as leaves and making each one into its  unique vessel fulfills my creative craving.

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 Matthew Freise

Matthew Freise is a Gallatin based artist and photographer that excels in the many facets of creating empirical works of art. He studied fine arts and graphic design at Middle Tennessee and has also acquired his photography degree at Nossi college of Art. Matthew has spent years crafting skills in wood working including turning, routed signs, and sculptural pieces.  His formal training has allowed him to work with multiple styles and processes with many different clients and companies.  His many abilities include, yet are not limited to, stretching canvas, creating beautiful murals and drawings, building light set-ups and creating amazing portraits.  This knowledge and passion allows him to bring your ideas to life for you and your family to cherish, for generations to come.

white-pencil-on-black-paper    kayak-photoshoot     wood-turning