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Kathy Plourde – Paint, Fabric Art, Pottery


Kathy Plourde is a multi-talented artist specializing in the media of “mud and rags.” As a fabric artist she combines quilting, felting, and free-style embroidery to create one of a kind handbags, scarves, tapestries, and articles of clothing. Through her expressions in clay, her art form ranges from the practical in her pottery creations to the whimsical in her sculptures infused with self-reflection and story-telling. Kathy is self-taught artist who claims her biggest challenge is deciding which media to explore that day. Beyond “mud and rags” she expresses herself in sketching, poetry, fabric painting, sewing, stained glass, and lampwork. Kathy earned her Masters degree in Theology from Loyola University and shares her love of the spirituality of the creative process as a facilitator in Spirituality and Creativity in a variety of retreats ranging from transitioning military veterans, women in recovery, special needs youth, and spiritual voyagers. Originally from Miami, Florida, she currently resides in Gallatin and lists her occupation as: Grandma. She is a retired information systems professional and spent 24 years as a military spouse. Contact Kathy at or visit her website at

She belongs to the Art and Soul Studio in Nashville and the Sumner County Art Guild in Gallatin, TN.

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Lou Ann Moore –   Jewelry, Handmade Paper, and Mixed Media

I received a Bachelor of  Fine Arts Degree in painting and drawing with a minor in textiles from the Louisville School of Art.  I received a Master of Fine Arts Degree in fibers from Southern Illinois University.  After teaching art for 27 years in Texas, Massachusetts, New York and Tennessee, I enjoy spending more time on my own artwork.  I am interested in color, pattern, and texture using beads, yarn, fabric, handmade paper, and mixed media.  I am creating jewelry and wearable accessories as well as art for the wall.  I also enjoy drawing with pen and ink as well as creating art using pastels and paint.


Tim O’Leary – Woodturning

Tim O’Leary started woodturning over a decade ago as a hobby. He is self taught and his style has evolved over the years as he learned new techniques. Tim retired from the FBI in 2015 and relocated from Florida to Gallatin, TN. He can now dedicate even more time and energy to his work making bowls, vases, lidded vessels and snowmen.

Mike Countess – Pottery

Mike Countess has combined his long-time interest in early American military history and artifacts with his avocation in creating unique designs in pottery.  “Battlefield Pottery” in Cottontown, Tennessee produces distinctive hand-thrown pottery that contains impressions of early American military artifacts and memorializes battlefields, veterans, and experiences of that time period.  Drawing on a combined career in conservation of natural and cultural resources, Mike has also been instructed and inspired by gifted potters such as Wendy Gustafson (Woodland Gallery), Tommy Williams, Rod Lederer, and Josh DeWeese (Appalachian Center for Crafts).

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Angela Easterling

Angela Easterling is a multi-talented artist working in textiles, needlework, doll making, dance, poetry, and painting. Angela began her art journey in early 2020 as a way to cope with the many changes Covid-19 brought to the world. Angela began drawing “wonky faces” or (distorted faces) to relieve stress and to bring light to what seemed like a dark place. As her drawing evolved, she began to dabble with inks, acrylics, and watercolor. Angela pulls her inspiration from many artists and from the people she interacts with daily. Angela is a self-taught artist who hopes one day to receive formal art training but now relies on videos, and online classes. Angela’s passion is whimsical illustration. Angela is the mother of seven beautiful and supportive children and grandmother to fourteen grandchildren. She is a native of Northern California and has been in TN since 2000. You can email Angela at