Studio 2

Calligraphy, Copper

Louise Thompson



I am honored to present my work for you in Studio #2. Calligraphy (the art of beautiful writing) has been my specialty. I have branched out and do work in copper, driftwood and clay as well. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

Do you have a verse, a picture, or anything you want “put together” creatively? I would love to work one on one with you to create a piece you can be proud of. It will make a very special gift for someone you love. I look forward to meeting you in my studio!

Living in the Nashville area has provided many opportunities to expand my artistic horizons. I belong to the Nashville Calligraphers Guild and through this have continued to learn from fellow calligraphers and teachers from all over the country who come here to teach. The Sumner County Artists and Artisans has introduced me to many wonderful local area artists with many different expressions of art.

Contact Louise at and visit her website at

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Laura Fisher

I’m Laura, and I’ve lived in Sumner County for 11 yrs.  I’m an avid animal & nature loving granola and love working with my hands. I spent the first 35 yrs of my life stuck in a boring science type job and never had time for “creating”.  But, during the recession, my creativity was born out of necessity to help support my animal rescue endeavors. And, thankfully, I haven’t stopped creating since.  I specialize in found object art; particularly, salvaged wood and reclaimed items. I love making and creating beautiful things out of unwanted, discarded items. 95-100% of my creations come from trash kept out of the landfills.  Typically, I will rescue my wood from leftover scraps at a construction site or from a historic house set for demolition.  All of my pieces have a story and a history.  These pictured “wood quilts” were created from 1920 lath wood from the Rectory of Inglewood Baptist Church.  My passion for animal rescue and spay/neuter initiatives in Sumner County fuels my creative passion.

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