Studio 13

Studio 13 – 1307 Shoreside Drive, Hendersonville, TN               


Melissa (Lisa) Moulton, Artist.
As a young girl I was influenced by my father who loved to draw. I studied art in High School and some College.  The
technique of reverse oil painting on glass was introduced to me at age 19, which became my passion. I have since added
oil on canvas and drawing to my art skills.
Jo Griffith
Jo Griffith has been a resident of Hendersonville Sumner county for 46 years. For the last 17 years she has dabbled in different forms of 2 dimensional art and settled on oil painting and graphite drawings.
> Her education composed of taking classes and workshops from many well established artist in the area. Her paintings reflect a wide range of subject matter, while her form of art is realistic leaning toward impressionism.
Connie Stark
Slipping my hands into the ooey goodness of clay and building a 3 dimensional object with it is so very satisfying. Pottery is just the right combo of creativity and science. Chemistry, high heat and glassy colors…I can never be bored with the possibilities. Whether it ends up as a simple bowl, platter or necklace, my inspiration always comes from the world I see all around me. Pick up the pots. Turn them in your hands and imagine the hours of joy that went into the making



                                                          Carl Hoffman – Abstract Painter

Carl Hoffman works with acrylics and has talent to produce amazing photorealistic pieces but prefers the abstract:

“The first 60 years of my life was lived in dependable, lucrative, and boring conformity.
None of that is relevant to who I am now. I never considered myself an artist and never
aspired to be one. But I changed. As an artist for the last 5 years I never wanted to paint
the serenity of a Tennessee barn like every other senior adult.
I simply want to move paint around a canvas and feel the consistency of the paint and the resistance of the canvas. Then I want to participate in the drying of the paint by possibly hanging the art upside down to counteract the forces of gravity. What I love about art is there is only one rule, “Don’t put the paint in your mouth.” Escaping conformity is my objective and therapy.One guy asked me if I could paint something that actually looked like something or someone? The answer is “yes”, but I don’t want to do that on a regular basis. Here is one of my recent attempts of painting someone in a realistic manner and something I normally paint.”

Carl’s work has been displayed at Hendersonville Arts Council, Tennessee Pour House, Hendersonville Public Library, Nashville Art Crawl, O’Gallery Nashville, John Canon Studios, and Yale University.


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Tim O’Leary – Woodturner

Timothy O’Leary began turning wood in 2007 on a bench top lathe. He quickly outgrew that tool and moved to a full sized lathe by 2009. Tim enjoys making bowls, platters, vases and some deep hollowing projects. He also spindle turns snowmen, bunnies and penguins for fun. Tim tries to let the wood guide his design. The natural flaws, voids and cracks are incorporated into the shape to create imperfect beauty. Now retired, Tim lives and creates in Gallatin, Tennessee.