Studio 11

                                                                  Toby Delk – Painting

296 Albright Lane, Gallatin, TN

I have loved art and drawing ever since I could hold a pen or pencil.  I started oil painting when I was 16 and enjoy many subjects, especially historical portraits, ships and cars.  Currently at age 25, I am enjoying painting animals, birds, flowers and nature scenes.  I feel like I was given a wonderful gift.  I freehand all my work without grids, and enjoy mixing my own colors from the basic four plus black when needed.  For a day off, I love going to Art Galleries and art show.  I admire the abundance of talent and ideas that are out there.


Joy Delk – Painting

I’ve always been a big fan of the arts.  I hadn’t done anything myself since my teens until my son took up oil painting.  I decided I missed it and starting painting again myself.  I still don’t have much time to enjoy it, but I love taking pictures at our beautiful lake and painting them.  I love lots of texture on my paintings and enjoy experimenting and doing different styles.