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Diane Chambers

Diane Chambers began painting in oils in 1989 and watercolors in 1998.  Since picking up pastels in 2001, pastel has become her medium of choice for the range of colors available, and because she loves the tactile experience of blending the colors.  Pastels have such a rich intensity that makes a painting come to life.  Diane feels that pastels have gone through a renaissance of sorts; more and more artists are using them.  Working with pastel is spontaneous, they are easily portable and the artist doesn’t have to wait for the work to dry. Diane also likes painting abstracts in acrylic; it helps her to loosen up since her pastels are usually so detailed.

In the summer of 2002, she attended a pastel en-plein air workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with Albert Handel and Anita Louise West instructing and has returned there for an apprenticeship and workshops with other artists since.

Diane also makes beautiful jewelry and unusual gourd art using natural elements.

Diane’s art has been displayed in various art shows in Tennessee and Kentucky. Diane is a member of The Art Guild in Gallatin, Tennessee, and Monthaven Art Society in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Diane resides in Gallatin, Tennessee.  Contact her at or (615) 604-4926.



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