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Welcome to the 11th Annual Sumner County Artists and Artisans Studio Tour. We are pleased to showcase over 22 of the county’s best and brightest artists, embracing a wide variety of media and art forms at eight studio locations.  START AT ANY STUDIO!!!

Over the weekend, you are cordially invited to share in the creative richness of Sumner County by visiting with as many of the resident artists as possible and experiencing the stories of their creative paths and seeing the results of their creative endeavors.

Most of all, we hope that you fully enjoy the beauty of Sumner County and the richness of our extraordinarily talented community. Remember, this is a FREE self-guided tour and you can START AT ANY STUDIO. As experienced art buyers will testify, a major benefit of studio tours is the direct-from-the source pricing available at each studio.

Chris Schalles

Chair of the 2022 Studio Tour